Tips On Using Cloud Based CRM Software To Your Advantage

If you really want to use cloud based CRM software to your advantage then you not only need to understand what it can do for you, you have to engage it in a trial period to see what you really need in its delivery. Some of the most common problems encountered with cloud based CRM software could have been avoided with a trial run. Many of the providers offer free trial periods of up to a month because they understand that reading about the CRM advantages and learning what you need in a CRM delivery are two different things.

The Advantages Of Cloud Based CRM software

The focus of CRM software is on improving productivity and organization in all the steps that are engaged with your customer relationship management, according to ERM Software. This means that there are multiple plug-ins available for this base software that will connect everything from newsletter programs to ecommerce stores, shipping and accounting programs.

The idea is to unite all the puzzle pieces involved in your customer relations under one interface so they are easier for you to assess and run. This makes planning and execution more effective while also creating a more dynamic form of communication between you, your employees and for your customers.

Where Does Cloud Based CRM Software Go Wrong For Companies?

There are some common complaints about cloud based CRM software not performing as well as companies were led to believe. If you follow the complaints to their resolution you discover that the reason this is a common problem has nothing to do with the software itself. Cloud based programs are handled much differently than stand-alone programs.


If you don’t acknowledge this fact you are going to wind up with all those wonderful CRM advantages in the box and no way to access them. For cloud based software you have to correctly size the user account access to get performance out of the program.

In other words if you have subscribed for 100 users on a monthly basis and have 125 using the cloud based CRM software, that program is going to be overburdened and run into problems. All you have to do is boost the amount of access in your account and the problem is fixed.

There Is Another Issue That Can Stand In The Way Of The Program Delivering

While cloud based CRM software is designed to be intuitive, it is still a complex program. Don’t overlook the importance of investing in CRM training for your staff. If you are having problems with adoption rates within your company then look to the amount of users you have authorize, and consider whether or not your staff needs more training. Every new program comes with a learning curve, but one of the advantages of CRM is that the learning curve is small. If you are having difficulty, your staff may need more training.

What About Customer CRM Access?

Another way that cloud based CRM software can really deliver advantages to your staff is through the dynamic communication it allows with your customer base, as listed in the top eight reasons why cloud CRM software benefits end users, according to blogger Michael Lazar.

Not only can you deliver a customer portal to allow people to manage and check their own account and shipping status, but you can also issue newsletters and other communications right from within the program. Make sure you take the time to look at the applications of cloud based CRM software in regards to social media, too (although, that is a topic all of its own).

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