Use Movavi Screen Capture Studio To Successfully Rip Flash Videos From Websites

Flash videos are always very pulling given their cutting edge presentation. They are fun, entertaining and engaging to the T. A lot of video hosting sites & social networking portals flaunt numerous Flash videos, ranging from music shows to great animations. They are great to watch in your free time. But what if you want to show your favorite Flash videos to your buddies who lack internet connection? Well, nothing to worry here as today you have Movavi Screen Capture Studio that can easily rip Flash video from website. It will record the videos and save it in your device so that you can share it to your buddies later. The software is available for both Mac & Windows users.

The best part about using Movavi software is that it promises excellent output quality of the ripped Flash videos. You must be looking to know more about the Movavi software. Well, here goes a brief review on the software.


To start with, the Movavi software is extremely easy to use. It can be handled with your basic computer skills and no advanced technical knowledge is needed here. Then, a great bit is that the Movavi software will enable you to rip the Flash videos as per your specified recording parameters. Yes, as a Movavi user, you would be able to specify your definite frame rate and recording area.

Then, the Movavi software comes with in-built timer. You can set the timer at your specified time limit and the program will automatically stop recording the Flash video as the timer reaches to your time limit.

It’s great to stress here that the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is even backed by great editing functions. It can cut out the video clips, add on edgy transitions, background score and much more. In fact, there are correction filters here by which you can correct the visual mistakes of the ripped videos.

Finally, it must be mentioned here that it’s really simple to use the Movavi Screen Capture Studio. The software does not demand advanced geek skills.

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