How To Use A Binocular Cleaning Kit

For most people, cleaning binoculars requires nothing more than a high-quality cloth and a little bit of care. However, good binocular care demands that as much as possible, you get a specialized lens cleaning kit. There are different brands of binoculars lens cleaning kits, brushes, pens and cleaners for dealing with the external glass; they work very well in removing any markings, debris, and oily substances while ensuring that you don at all damage the lenses in any way. You want to make sure that you clean your binoculars regularly especially after you have had a long field day.


Step 1: As a rule of the thumb, cleaning binoculars lenses requires that you keep your rubbing to the lowest minimum and be as light as you possibly can. You will star with a blower so you can remove all the dust and debris from the lens; you could also brush the surface of the lens lightly using the special brush that comes with most cleaning kits; you want to minimize any risk of scratching as a result of friction. Even though some lens brushes are not as kind as the blower, they can easily remove any stubborn dust particles. Always remember to retract the brush back to the pen as soon as you are through because you want to ensure that it remains as clean as possible.

Step 2: Now using the cleaner, all that you will need to do is to twist the end of the pen at the opposite end away from the brush that replenishes the cleaning compound before removing that cap that will reveal the cleaning tip; use it gently to wipe the lens using a circular motion. This works very fast and easily removes any smudges and you don’t have to apply the least amount of pressure. Should you see any oily marks remaining, all that you need to do is to remove them by breathing lightly on the lens and cleaning using the cleaning tip again.

Well, it doesn’t go further than that and you will have binoculars that have clean lenses and free from any oily smudges, dust and all other forms of debris. However, if you are using any liquid bases cleaning kits, all that you will need is to apply just a tiny drop of the supplied fluid on the clean piece of lean cleaning tissue or may be some cotton tipped applicators. There are other kits where you need to spray the cleaning fluid to the lens or the supplied wet wipes. Once you have applied the fluid, wipe the surface of the lens gently, starting from the edge and head towards the center of the lens using a lifting action.

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