Types Of Large Format LED Screens

Large Format LED Screens are part of the new era of screens which has taken over the world. Their high definition resolution allows maximum visibility thanks to the wide viewing angles and their brightness and sharpness which is beyond amazing.

The main benefits of using this LED screens is not only their crystal clear images and high definition resolution, but also their little weight which allows them to be easily moved and placed in different locations without much effort.

Besides being placed indoor, they also can take a place outdoor thanks to their features. They are specially designed to be flexible according to the different weather conditions: they can have resistance to wet weather, but also have a high visibility in bright sunlight. Thanks to their cooling system they are also able to maintain high performance in warm weather condition.


Depending on their performances there are different types of Large Format LED Screens:

1. Indoor Displays

2. Multi-Touch Displays

3.Network LED Displays

4. Video Wall Display

5. Outdoor LED Display

6. 4K LED LCD Displays

Each one of these types of Large Format LED Screens have different features which distinguish them from the rest, however they also have features in common.

First of all, they all can be large sizes and work very efficiently.

Indoor displays are specially designed to be placed indoor and that’s why they are very flexible and can work 24/7.

Multi-Touch Displays- are kind of more efficient than the rest because they support multi-touch and that’s why they are super productive.

Network LED Displays- have wireless and network capability which is something that completely distinguish them from the rest.

Video Wall Display- have easy installation and connection, but also have narrow bezel and are capable to work 24/7.

Outdoor LED Display- are specially designed for outdoor usages. They have amazing durable performance and are very flexible to different weather conditions.

Last but not least, 4K LED LCD Displays have the ability to provide outstanding imagery and amazing durability.

Every single type of Large Format LED Screens have its own advantages which could perfectly fit different usages and different locations per the needs of the users.

When buying they should be carefully chosen according to their features and the advantages they offer.

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