SIM only promotion is a positive move from the networks

SIM only deals are having a positive impact on buyers looking for a new mobile tariff. Mobile consumers are now getting more options that they can choose from which they previously did not have. Consumers are now able to change their networks when they want. they are also not restricted to a particular hardware through long contract together with shorter contracts as an option providing greater flexibility. Plans are not restricted with minimal talk time or data, 4G plans are now available with unlimited internet. Heavy users can seek unlimited internet SMI only deals if they require it.

UK networks are now changing their marketing to promote SIM only. This now seem to be a huge part of their out of contract tariffs with good reason. The SIM only plans are cheaper on average as no mobile is included. Mobile networks can also promote unlimited internet packages, with the best 3 SIM only unlimited plans leading the way. You will find that all networks are now offering SIM only offering a huge range for consumers to choose from.


There are now significant offers from UK retailers offering huge discounts or double internet data promotions. If you are in the market for the latest deals then you will always find there are new promotions available. Visit for the latest offerings and comparison.

Plans are available in two options monthly or yearly. Your choice depends on how long you would like to commit. The monthly plan suits those who only need a contract for a short period and does not want to commit. It will also suit those that want to be on a shorter contract until new hardware model is released. There are plans available Blackberry users too with same benefits for Blackberry SIM only users.

SIM only is not as restrictive you can now also port your number so you can keep your old number. This usually takes a day for the switch so isn’t much of a hassle any more. Some mobiles are now able to accommodate two SIM’s, as SIM only is cheaper without an additional phone you can buy a cheaper plan to separate your calls and contacts.

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