Frequently Asked Questions about Android Smartphones

What is the difference between different versions of Android?

Each of the next Android versions brings new features and new possibilities to an existing operation system. For example, Android 4.0 made it possible to create a screenshot of the screen, and in version 4.4 they added the built-in service Android Remote Control. Each new version can bring changes such as replacement of default wallpapers or replacement of icons’ external appearance, they might add new widgets, change the notification panel, update the design of applications and much more. Usually, the Nexus cell phone gets the latest Android versions of the operation system.

How to add a widget to the desktop of your smartphone?

Finger on the empty space on the screen of your smartphone and hold it for 1-2 seconds. Then, a special menu will appear asking you to add widgets. Alternatively, you can use another way to add widgets. To do this, you need to go to Menu – Settings – personalization – add widget.


How to change the background image of your smartphone?

The procedure is pretty similar to that described above: you need to finger on the empty space on the screen of your smartphone and hold it for 1-2 seconds. Afterwards, you will see a special menu with an offer to change the wallpaper of the main screen on your smartphone.

Do I need to completely discharge my new phone and then fully charge it again? And shall I do this 2-3 times after I bought it?
No. Unlike the older generation of nickel batteries, modern lithium batteries do not have the so-called “memory effect”, which demands a full cycle charge / discharge of the battery. Hence, such a procedure is not necessary for either new or already used smartphones.

How to take a screenshot on the smartphone?

To take a screenshot, you need to simultaneously press the Power button the Volume Down button and hold them for 1-2 seconds. After this procedure, a screenshot of the screen will be created.

Why does a scratch-resistant glass such as Gorilla Glass get scratched?

The Gorilla Glass glasses have an increased hardness. The term “hardness” itself is characterized by the ability of the material to resist the introduction of a new material into it. Thus, materials having better hardness performance can scratch less solid elements. Most often, in everyday life, a more solid material is found in the form of simple quartz sand. Sand, when getting into your pocket, is able to leave scratches on such screens.

How do I know the firmware version of my smartphone?

To find out the firmware version of your smartphone, you need to go to “Settings” and select “About phone”. In turn, there will be a section with information about the software. Keep in mind that not all android smartphones get the latest android versions of the operation system. It is rather a Google Nexus prerogative. If you are interested in Google Nexus smartphones, you can visit to check price for Google phone here.

All in all, we hope we have managed to answer some of the question you might have had about your Android smartphone.

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