How video management can improve your facility security

Video surveillance is beneficial in itself, but it also needs good video management software in order to make your surveillance efforts fully effective. There are ongoing developments in video surveillance technology that can be extremely helpful to keeping your facility, assets, and personnel secure. With proper video management, you can maximize your security systems and consolidate your security efforts. Video management can also make sure that facility is secure 24/7.

Video analytics

Qognify, a muti-award winning security software company, is a leading figure in video analytics. Video analytics is a way to automate monitoring video footage for suspicious individuals, objects, and vehicles. It relies on parameters that can alert security systems to potential security issues. It can track and locate certain individuals based on live or recorded footage and composite images. Erratic or suspicious behavior can raise flags and enable security personnel to prevent possible dangers. Video analytics can also keep an eye on your perimeter and detect unauthorized entries, which is an extremely beneficial function for facilities that spread out over a large area.


The security needs of a large facility can vary from those of smaller facilities. A video management systemcan be tailored to the scale of the facility. While a large facility might need security for access points along its perimeter, a smaller facility is more compact and can need more focus on securing specific rooms or areas. Video management can also make satellite facilities easier to monitor from a main office or a central location. This can be a great measure for remote locations and organizations that have multiple offices.


Remote management

Multiple facilities that belong to a single entity or organization need a more consolidated security system. A video management software can control multiple cameras in multiple locations from a single control center. It can raise alarms on its own when it detects an issue, and it can make footage a lot easier to monitor for security personnel. Video management can also take the pressure off an IT team that may be struggling to deal with the demands of overseeing multiple sites in a single security system.


A video management system makes storage for video footage a lot more efficient and more secure. Because video management can support most IP cameras, it can write footage into network storage with a high capacity and data protection. Storage capabilities can be scalable as well, depending on the size of the facility. Larger facilities can expand their storage easily.

Maximizing hardware devices

Devices such as cameras precede video management and analytics software developed by companies like Qognify, which means that these devices need to be incorporated into newer security systems and protocols. Video management can make this possible by linking IP cameras and even analog cameras to an Internet-based network. This way, facilities can cut costs because they do not need to buy new hardware in order to upgrade their security systems. Facilities can invest in excellent video management software, while cutting costs on unnecessary hardware upgrades.

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