Our Wedding Celebration Was Awesome

When I proposed to my wife, I knew she would love the clowns that accompanied the proposal. It is not that she into clowns exactly, but we are definitely the couple who likes to be unique. We don’t want to settle for anything when the whole world is out there for the taking, so why not have clowns at our proposal? Plus, we will be able to show our kids one day, when we start having them anyway! So, clowns for the proposal meant that we needed to have some killer wedding entertainment because our guests would expect nothing less than that.

I looked at a website of a company that has a lot of fun stuff on it. They literally bring any kind of entertainment right to the venue. We could have a singer who looks and sings just like Amy Winehouse, or we could have had dancing elves. We could have chosen to have acrobats in a huge snow globe, or comedians, magicians, and balloon artists. While all of those are amazing, we ended up choosing a barbershop quartet for the music. We also hired several dancers who were able to really get the party going.

We had fun games for the kids, magicians for the adults, and all sorts of food and drink to make the celebration complete. I did not know until after the fact, but she hired a Marilyn Monroe lookalike because she knows how much I enjoy her films. We might have overdid it a bit, but everyone had a great time. That is all that matters, and the memories from that fun night are going to be with everyone for a very long time. We will remember it as the day we celebrated our marriage, but we have a lot of hilarious and great memories that were made with family and friends that night too. I might even use their services for our first anniversary celebration!

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