I Needed to Get the Birds out of Here

I knew that if something was not done about the birds in the area, that it could mean the end of my business as I knew it. They were making such a mess in front of my shop, and I knew that people would rather go to another shop providing the same services if it meant they did not have to walk through a maze of bird droppings. It was not just on the sidewalks but on the doors and windows of my business as well as on the cars in the lot. A bird spikes installer was really my only option here because I needed to get rid of the birds quickly.

I had looked online at some videos on how to deter birds from a building, but I figured that it was best to leave this to a professional. I saw where I could rig something up myself, but I also knew that I could get hurt doing it since it had to be done on the roof. Also, a professional company would have the right materials, workers who have experience, and also insurance should something happen while they were installing the bird spikes.

It took just a quick online search to find the bird company I wanted to use. I was able to read about bird spikes right on their website, and I learned a good bit more about them. I really appreciated that the spikes they use do not hurt the birds in any way, which was a concern of mine if I had done it on my own. The bird removal company was able to come out and install spikes not only on my building but the surrounding ones too since I had talked to the other shopkeepers about the bird problem. Our parking lot is always filled now, and the only birds around are the ones in the air, not on our roofs and sidewalks.

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