Flexible Beam Couplings

Flexible beam couplings are manufactured in three series which are of zero backlash in dimensions of metric or inch which contain bores ranging from 3mm to 20 mm.This three series of flexible beam coupling are machined from a single piece of stainless steel or aluminum which contain multiple cuts.This multiple cuts offers a provision of high torque capabilities which have greatly reduced wind-up in comparison to commodity type single beam coupling. http://bervina.com/fda-polyurethan-timing-belt/

This three series are P-series,F-series and MW-series.They contain three sets of spiral slots which is a characteristic that provides a misalignment capability that is parallel and superior i comparison with the single beam coupling.Flexible coupling also accommodates axial motion and angular misalignment or a combination of all the three types of misalignment.They also have the benefit enjoyed due to the presence of a design that is balanced which causes a reduced vibration and RPM capabilities.The helical beam coupling should be used in applications that contain misalignment between the two shafts being coupled.


The F-series helical coupling are ideal used for the applications that use light duty power transmission such as coupling a servo motor to a lead screw in a motion control system.This flexible coupling have a characteristic in which they contain a body with a larger size and strong beams and hence they provide high torque capacity and very low windup and not a sacrificing misalignment.Servo application a characterized by a demanding nature and hence they mke the performance benefits which are delivered by the F-series beam couplings and hence vital in maintaining the accuracy,repeatability and reliability of the system.Some F-series helical couplings have socket head cap screws coating.This coating helps in reduction of vibration which can cause the threads to loosen.It also serves an important function in reducing galling of the screw threads which are in stainless steel coupling.

The main difference between the P-series coupling and the MW-series coupling is that the MW-series coupling is made up of dimensions that are pure metric.All their functions are designed for similar purposes.The P-series and MW-series flexible beam couplings are designed specifically for applications that are precision such as tachometers and encoders that use components that are delicate.

The small bearings that are found on this components serves a very great purpose since they make radio forces which are essential in longevity and continued high performance.The P-series and MW-series helical coupling offers a provision of extra flexibility and hence yields reduced bearing loads.The flexible couplings found in P-series and MW-series are much shorter than the F-series beam couplings and hence conforms to the industry standard lengths and hence fitting into spaces that are confined and allows for easy retrofits in the existing equipments.

The helical cut pattern continues to offer an excellent torque capability and low windup.The flexible beam couplings are very economical in the servo applications and provides three series which are P-series,F-series and MW-series which serves which are designed for various applications.

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