Top 6 Bitcoin Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins 2019

In today’s world, cryptocurrencies are becoming trendy, and the demand for WordPress is increasing immensely due to popular blog hosting site. WordPress came with the idea of accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Bitcoin is a digital software-based currency, and it is a popular and widely used payment method for professional websites. Bitcoin is the standard online payment options and it is known as the first open-source, peer-to-peer, digital cryptocurrency.

The working process is quite simple and convenient for users. Install Bitcoin wallet on your system or mobile, from that it will generate your Bitcoin address. If you create this Bitcoin address, the transaction can be possible between Bitcoin wallets that the owner can pay to others and vice-versa. Bitcoin wallet keeps all the records of a signed deal that come from the owner’s wallet. All the transaction is taking place through the network through a process called mining.

The value of Bitcoin has increased still there are many other cryptocurrencies exist; Zcash, Ripple, Dash and so on.  What impact Bitcoin made? There can be many confusions regarding this and now let’s check what the benefits Bitcoin has created for users to access easily. One of the most highlighted features is that Bitcoin can accept from anyone across the globe. Bitcoin considered as a peer-to-peer digital currency, and thus, transaction cost will be comparatively less. People who accept Bitcoin payments can do business with anyone all over the world and once you tried using Bitcoin payment method, you find the process is simpler than by paying by credit cards.

Plugins for accepting Bitcoin payment method within a WordPress site

If Bitcoin and WordPress were coincidence, all the transaction with WordPress plugin would be convenient for bitcoin donations, price listing, and more. So some powerful tools and plugins were developed by many wordpress development companies .There are some which are best for all the actions.Lets go through a few of them.

GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway

GoURL Bitcoin Payment Plugin can take as the most popular Bitcoin WordPress plugin that allows all the Bitcoin payment within site. For example; you can sell products digitally and physically, offer a paid membership, etc. It is considered as the best plugin for all bitcoin transactions while considering some useful features:

1. 100% dedicated WordPress plugin for all cryptocurrency payments

2. Get straight payment to your bitcoin wallet

3. No transaction fee and a monthly fee

4. Easy integrations

5. Free support

When looking to a third-party plugin, it also included in WooCommerce platform too (GoUrl WooCommerce).

BitMate Author Donations

As the name suggests, BitMate Author Donations is a WordPress plugin which allows accepting cryptocurrency donations from the post by the website owners and authors. This plugin makes website bitcoin-friendly so that payment mode works smoothly.

Since it is a free plugin, it can automatically add a cryptocurrency donation box below all the post, or can use a built-in shortcodes [bitmate-author-donate] anywhere you want to include in the donation box manually.

Bitcoin Faucet

Bitcoin Faucet is in-general software, rewarding visitors with cracking of Bitcoin. It includes a fantastic feature. This plugin is highly customizable and works with multiple micropayment systems as well as a captcha.


1. This plugin supports several crypto-currencies, Micropayment Systems, and captcha systems.

2. Incoming traffic from Faucet Exchange List

3. Highly configurable via the admin interface

4. Insert CSS style for Crypto widget.

5. Display logos and make settings changes according to the requirements.


BitPay is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that helps to integrate Bitcoin payments in the WordPress website. The WordPress website helps to convert digital payments to instant cash automatically.


1. Direct bank deposit

2. Two factor authentication

3. Setting custom transaction speed

4. Multiple user capability

5. Mobile optimized

Cryptocurrency Widgets – Price Ticker & Coins List

Cryptocurrency Widgets – Price Ticker & Coins List is the most popular plugin, for instance, the simpler Cryptocoin Live-Ticker. This plugin generates Cryptocoin price widgets, coin list shortcodes, and also make multiple crypto widget designs. This plugin is having lots of features like:

1. Add custom CSS, colour and setting

2. Fiat Currencies Support

3. Multi-currency

4. Display crypto price list

5. Add price label

Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets | WordPress Crypto Plugin

This plugin offer quickly adds a widget with live cryptocurrency quotes to your WordPress website. This plugin includes lots of colour theme and logos of each cryptocurrency. This plugin offers 1500 cryptocurrency support and updates in real-time.


1. Multi-currency and Multi-language

2. Auto-generate coin page

3. Real-time update

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