How to Find the Fastest Internet Available

If you want the fastest speeds available on the Internet, there’s only really one company that you’ll want to go with, and that’s Verizon. Here are some reasons why.

No Caps

Your speed will really mean nothing at all if you go with a company that has an Internet cap. If you can only use a small amount of data throughout the month, then it really won’t matter how fast your Internet is. This is because you’re hardly going to want to deal with only being able to use your max speeds from your provider for a handful of days before having to scale back and barely use it at all in order to avoid going over your cap.

While it is true that Verizon does have a functional cap that isn’t completely unlimited, it’s more or less impossible to ever reach that cap if you’re following their guidelines. The only people who get in trouble are the ones who are literally trying to run their own ISP business by using Verizon.


Everyone else can download Terabyte after Terabyte without the slightest protest. You really can make use of that intense Verizon speed and reliability. It’s worth comparing this to other options where they often limit the total data to 300 GB per month or less. In fact, plenty of companies are allowing far less than that in order to force their customers to use their other services that people are now using through the Internet, such as television programs. This will never be a problem through Verizon.

True Speed and Reliability

Another good reason to try out Verizon is that they often offer rates of 75 Mbps or greater for seriously low rates. You will be hard pressed to find similar rates among any of their competitors. It’s true that Verizon isn’t available in all areas currently, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for when they come to your area if you want to benefit.

And it’s not just speed either, you also get reliable Internet at the same time. Many people from other carriers often find that their Internet will drop for no reason, seemingly at random. FIOS focuses on reliability as one of their maxims. They won’t drop the ball nearly as much as the other carriers and that’s the truth.

If you want to see if you can sign up with them, you can try website such as this one:

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