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Frequently Asked Questions about Android Smartphones

What is the difference between different versions of Android?

Each of the next Android versions brings new features and new possibilities to an existing operation system. For example, Android 4.0 made it possible to create a screenshot of the screen, and in version 4.4 they added the built-in service Android Remote Control. Each new version can bring changes such as replacement of default wallpapers or replacement of icons’ external appearance, they might add new widgets, change the notification panel, update the design of applications and much more. Usually, the Nexus cell phone gets the latest Android versions of the operation system.

How to add a widget to the desktop of your smartphone?

Finger on the empty space on the screen of your smartphone and hold it for 1-2 seconds. Then, a special menu will appear asking you to add widgets. Alternatively, you can use another way to add widgets. To …

FlexiHub is a popular software solution for sharing COM and USB ports over network

FlexiHub is a popular software solution for sharing COM and USB ports over network (LAN, Internet, etc.). A single control spot for all shared devices on the network, it also lets you redirect USB port in a remote session from anywhere on the globe.

Private Connection

FlexiHub establishes connections via its own Redirection Server. This way your computers do not need a real IP address for sharing and accessing devices.

Access devices from Virtual Environment

Usually when working with virtualization software you can’t access USB and COM ports of a host machine. However with FlexiHub it is very easy to access physical devices and work with them in VMware, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual PC.
USB and COM Devices Access over Network

Redirect a USB or serial device over network with the help of FlexiHub. Device’s full functionality and content becomes accessible in real time no matter how far the …

SIM only promotion is a positive move from the networks

SIM only deals are having a positive impact on buyers looking for a new mobile tariff. Mobile consumers are now getting more options that they can choose from which they previously did not have. Consumers are now able to change their networks when they want. they are also not restricted to a particular hardware through long contract together with shorter contracts as an option providing greater flexibility. Plans are not restricted with minimal talk time or data, 4G plans are now available with unlimited internet. Heavy users can seek unlimited internet SMI only deals if they require it.

UK networks are now changing their marketing to promote SIM only. This now seem to be a huge part of their out of contract tariffs with good reason. The SIM only plans are cheaper on average as no mobile is included. Mobile networks can also promote unlimited internet packages, with the best

Types Of Large Format LED Screens

Large Format LED Screens are part of the new era of screens which has taken over the world. Their high definition resolution allows maximum visibility thanks to the wide viewing angles and their brightness and sharpness which is beyond amazing.

The main benefits of using this LED screens is not only their crystal clear images and high definition resolution, but also their little weight which allows them to be easily moved and placed in different locations without much effort.

Besides being placed indoor, they also can take a place outdoor thanks to their features. They are specially designed to be flexible according to the different weather conditions: they can have resistance to wet weather, but also have a high visibility in bright sunlight. Thanks to their cooling system they are also able to maintain high performance in warm weather condition.


Depending on their performances there are different types of Large

Overview about private proxies and its advantages

Whenever people visit a website through internet, their system will send its IP address to the site then only it can receive the data from that particular site. In that time, there are many chances for the hackers to attack your device and steal all your important data. Many people do not know this and they are losing their date without their knowledge. However it can be avoided by using a web proxy. The proxy server will act as an intermediate platform that restricts your IP address to the hacker’s attention.

If you are using a proxy server then every time you access internet your system will send your IP address to the web proxy and then it will request the website to send the information to your system. Hence no other third parties can see your IP address. In this way, you can protect your system easily. The proxy …