Overview about private proxies and its advantages

Whenever people visit a website through internet, their system will send its IP address to the site then only it can receive the data from that particular site. In that time, there are many chances for the hackers to attack your device and steal all your important data. Many people do not know this and they are losing their date without their knowledge. However it can be avoided by using a web proxy. The proxy server will act as an intermediate platform that restricts your IP address to the hacker’s attention.

If you are using a proxy server then every time you access internet your system will send your IP address to the web proxy and then it will request the website to send the information to your system. Hence no other third parties can see your IP address. In this way, you can protect your system easily. The proxy servers are available in two different categories and they are free proxies and private proxies. You can choose any one of them and protect your system. Most of the people will prefer free proxies since they do not have to pay.

Though it is very cost effective there are many drawbacks in the free proxies. These proxies can be easily hacked by using various stuffs available these days. Also there are many free proxies which are running by hackers. If you choose such free proxies then it will be easy for the hackers to access all your private date. Moreover the free proxies will be very slow and they will not perform the process faster. Likewise there are many drawbacks in the free proxies. Therefore it is better to avoid free proxies for your purposes.


If you purchase private proxy, you will not have all those problems because they are very fast and also accurate. It can support both HTTPS and HTTP protocols. The major advantage in the private proxy is you do not have to setup a server with specific requirements. It can work in all kind of machines and servers. The private proxy has the ability conceal the IP address and the location of the system therefore the hackers cannot get any of that information. Similarly there are many advantages in using a private proxy. That is the main reason why many business organisations in the present days are having their individual proxy server to ensure their safe browsing over internet.

You can purchase the private proxies from many companies which are offering them. But it is very important to choose a reliable provider. There are many fake providers and as it is mentioned already the hackers are cheating people by providing fake proxy servers. If you fall in their hands, then it is sure that you will lose all your data and have to face many issues. If you make any mistake in this case, then you may have to lose the date. Therefore you have to pay utmost attention in selecting the right company to purchase the private proxy server.

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