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An overview on monitor technology

LCD (liquid crystal display) screens

LCD screens will be the present standard of the screen for TV screens, many PC screens and electronic devices including mobile phones, digital cameras, and MP3 players. Two polarizing filters are typically contained by LCD PC monitors with liquid crystal filled pixels or cells. The light which passes through the primary filter is created by a backlight, while electrodes regulate a current which passes throughout the liquid crystals and discovers their alignment. The electrodes modulate the alignment of the crystals, creating intensity as well as the light color of the picture.


OLED screens

OLED (organic light emitting diode) is an emerging display technology that is yet to make it to the PC monitor mainstream due primarily to high prices now related to HD monitors for gaming screen production. OLED displays take advantage of the rule of electroluminescence; using substances which glow when a current is …

Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rates

Are you a business owner or are you a website owner? Are you looking at ways to increase your sales figures, and by extension, your nett profit? To increase the number of products and services that you sell, you need to put together a robust digital media marketing strategy. In fact, it is preferable that you contract a marketing specialist to help you design and implement your marketing plan; this strategy will be the primary driver of customers to your products and services.

Your Website and digital media marketing plan

Furthermore, your website is the window on your business. This platform is where you need to showcase your products so that potential customers can see what your company’s value proposition is, and they will be convinced them that they need to purchase your products. The number of visitors to your website versus the number of sales you make on the …