Hire Award Winning Specialists To Oversee Your Business Projects!

There are a number of small to medium scale businesses that look for credible outsourced and remote staff for effective management of business operations. They often face shortage of qualified in-house staff and in most cases work is hampered and clients have to suffer. It is here that “in demand” and “on-demand” labor is required. There are freelancers available in the market. However, most of them are unprofessional and they hardly provide the expected outcome companies desire.

Overview of Capital Numbers

Capital Numbers is an esteemed IT start-up in Kolkata providing in-demand skills on-demand to businesses who are looking for credible remote staff for operations and development. It is a White Label Web Design and Development Company that focuses on web and mobile development and digital marketing. It has been in operation for three years and has grown to become a trusted and widely sought after name in the industry.

Highly Qualified Team to Cater To Your Business Needs

Capital Numbers is headed by a team of highly qualified specialists who are well versed in digital marketing, web and mobile development. The company offers services to both small and medium scale businesses with procuring remote staff to manage their technical and marketing operations. Currently the Organization has more than 200 staff working in the company. The organization is ISO 9001 certified, D&B Registered and a certified Google Partner. It understands the unique needs of its clients and this is why it is expanding at a large pace. Its esteemed clientele includes Condé Nast, Fool.Com, Thomson Reuters, Harvard University, Matches Fashion, Ordina, My Pay Network, and Doosan to name a few.


Award Winning Specialists Taking Care of Your Projects

Capital Numbers has been the recipient of a number of prestigious awards Review as one of the “Enterprise Startups to Watch In 2015”. This Company focuses on working methodologies that are stellar in nature and unique in innovative practices. It is a Company that focuses on your needs and this is why its clients keep coming back to it over and over again. There are experienced and highly qualified Technical Project Managers that oversee your projects with careful supervision. With Capital Numbers, you are able to get the chance to hire full-time employees who will look after your business needs unlike freelancers from Odesk and Elance.

Clients are happy and satisfied with the services provided by Capital Numbers. Their testimonials and reviews are very encouraging for both the management and staff of the Company. The company is growing at a very fast pace. It focuses on high end service delivery and quality. Its project package expenses are affordable. Moreover, it provides you the customized solutions you have always been searching for operations and business growth. Banking on this esteemed name is indeed a wise and prudent choice!

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