FlexiHub will automatically detect what type of device is connected to computer

FlexiHub is an Ethernet sharing solution for USB devices; it can also share devices over Internet. The full functionality of a USB or serial device shared with FlexiHub becomes available to remote computers over network. Create your FlexiHub account now and start sharing USB and serial devices right away for an easy connection from any remote spot.

FlexiHub Can Detect Device Type

FlexiHub will automatically detect what type of device is connected to computer. The moment device is attached the app will display whether it sees a printer, a keyboard, a mobile phone, a camera, etc. It is really helpful when there are multiple devices connected to a remote computer – you don’t have to figure out which is the device you actually need. Serial port devices will have a special indicator.

Use USB devices in virtual environment

Virtualization software does not see USB or serial ports the host operating system has, so you need a solution to access the devices you need to use in a virtual system. FlexiHub gets through to USB ports from virtual environment and you can work with them as if they were directly connected to your virtual machine. FlexiHub supports VMware, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual PC and others.

Private Connection

FlexiHub features its native redirection server. This means no real IP address is required for computers to participate in the data exchange. And even though when using redirection server the computer with a shared device is not directly visible, the USB over Ethernet connection is easy and efficient.

Traffic Compression

To reduce the traffic consumption and increase the communication speed, FlexiHub compresses data and lets you define an optimal compression ratio depending on your requirements.

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