Last Moment Preparation tips for JEE Main 2017

The JEE Main 2017 exam is one of the prevailed exam among the students of India. JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is a two tier examination (Main & Advanced) regulated by the CBSE Board. The JEE Main exam is considered as the qualifying exam to appear on JEE advanced. The online application for JEE Main 2017 has been extended till 16th January,2017.


Look at some preparation tips of JEE Main 2017

Focus on your strength

At this point of JEE Main preparation, you need to focus on all your time to revise all of the paper. Say No to learn anything new at the last moment rather sharpen the topics at your best on which you are comfortable. Try to give your best on that chapters which are your core strength.

Boost your concentration

It is one of the essential things to do while focusing during your long study hours. The activities like meditation and yoga keeps your mind calm and body fit. Getting involved with such activities is very much useful at the last moment of preparation.

Take regular breaks

Make sure that you are taking the regular breaks. Taking a small 5-10 minute break after an hour from study helps much to improve concentration. Apart from this, taking the intervals also break the monotony and refresh one enough to start studying again.

Ensure a good sleep

You need to make sure that you are ensured with a good sleep. Depriving yourself from a good self is a result of fatigue and high level of stress that enable the lack of concentration.

These are the last moment tips to click the JEE Main 2017 examination.

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