Panic buttons have saved countless lives since being rolled out

Panic buttons have saved countless lives since being rolled out. One of the ways in which they have really helped out would be in home care for the elderly. A panic button for elderly care truly is at the technological forefront of home care. This mobile device really has become a lifesaver. The panic button for elderly people has been made possible with wireless technology. There are so many benefits in this, let’s take a look further at this.

No wiring to see to means that installing the system takes much quicker. The technician need only be around for an hour or so to configure the system. They will just need to setup and give you a small tutorial on how to use it. Use of the panic button system is easy enough. Keep the device on you at all time. When you need help, then just press the button on the device. There is just one button so there should be no concern for confusion. Even the setup for the panic button for elderly people is none of your concern. This is left entirely up to the experts. When a company does the installing of the panic button for elderly persons, then it is quite likely that they would be equipped to come out and handle any servicing that is required in the future. You would not have to make do with outside help. The best assistance will come from the people who work with the product itself.


Due to the wireless factor, upgrading or adding new devices to the system for a panic button for elderly people will be much simpler. The technician will come over with the new devices and do the configuring within a half hour.

A wireless system is always working, even during a power outage. So during interrupted supply of power, there is no need to worry about your panic button for elderly dying out for that while. The system works with batteries. These batteries in a hospital give about 2 years’ worth of service. Remember that this is in an environment where they will be pressed all the time. If it can withstand that, then home care should be no problem.

A wireless panic button for elderly can be carried around. If a wire was attached then its place would be solely on the bed stand or wall mounted. This way, you would have the convenience of carrying it around. These are the instances where a panic button for elderly people is most needed. There is that need for freedom and privacy. with a panic button on hand, you would get both of these aspects. An emergency is more likely to happen away from the bed, which make a portable device the one to go with. The wired systems are still on the market, though this is something that is advised against unless the person is bedridden. Even still it means that the caregiver would need to be in constant accessibility to the display monitor to know of when help is needed. In a larger house, this would be very difficult to navigate around. This really is when a system of panic button for elderly people will need to be put in place. It ensures that communication will not be a barrier in them receiving the help that is needed.

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