A Lifeline in Uncertain Times

I needed to hire a corporate secretary in Singapore because my normal secretary had to go to the hospital. She became sick with the virus that has been going around and was having trouble with the symptoms. We think she got the virus when she took that trip overseas. It’s a miracle that no one else in the office has gotten the virus because of her. There’s a chance that one of us might have contracted it and might not know it, but for now, no one seems to be showing any symptoms or doing anything that might spread the virus around.

While the sick secretary has been out, the new secretary has been doing a great job of filling in for her. She has been able to match the sick secretary in terms of work output and speed. It hardly seems like the other secretary is gone since things have been going as smoothly as possible. I wish that we could all go to the hospital to visit the other secretary, but we can’t because no one is allowed to go there while she’s in quarantine. Everyone else would be put at risk of getting the virus if we went there.

I have no idea how long the other secretary will be in the hospital, but the new secretary is willing to work for us for as long as we need her. The recovery time for the virus can vary, and I suspect that the secretary will need to stay away from other people for a while to make sure that she isn’t spreading the virus to anyone else. There is a lot of testing that happens when a person gets the virus, so I think that she’ll have to get them done often before she can be cleared to come back to work.

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