Current Trends in Telecommunications That You Need To Know About

Businesses that provide phone services are facing new challenges in 2020 and are employing specific types of technology in order to meet these challenges. There are a few trends that will shape how these companies will increase efficiency and income. 

Artificial Intelligence

Telecommunications companies are using AI to save money and time on customer service. You have probably noticed that many of the websites you visit have a “chat-bot” to answer questions and route questions that it cannot answer to a customer service employee. Advances in AI have allowed these bots to sound more and more human and to answer more complex questions. AI can also quickly collect data in order to improve the function of a website. 

The Internet of Things

This term refers to devices that can communicate with each other. You probably already own at least one of these devices, which include your cell phone, smart speakers like Alexa and Google Home, fitness trackers and smart televisions (to name a few). Companies can use these connections to determine why and when internet services go down and fix them automatically. 

Mass Data Collection                

Telecom businesses now receive so much data from different websites and devices that humans cannot handle and analyze all of it. The process of collecting and analyzing this information is called “Big Data.” Organizations can now use programs that run automatically to find out what customers like (and do not like) about their services. They can then automatically send customer service emails, offers and advertisements to customers. Big Data also empowers businesses to find flaws in their systems and correct them rapidly. 

Internet Security

Collecting a huge amount of data means that more customer and company information is potentially exposed to hackers. Security systems are becoming more advanced as security specialists handle more data. This will continue to generate more job openings at online security firms as telecommunications companies need to keep their customers’ data secure.

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